CO Emergencies Caused by Whole Home Standby Generators
By DEPUTY CHIEF Jonathan Coleman
July 25, 2022

With the series of severe thunderstorm related power outages we have experienced and the sharp uptick of homes being equipped with whole home standby generators, we have been answering an alarming number of CO alarms. All of these alarms have revealed CO present in the homes with levels ranging from elevated to dangerous. In the past we have typically found the resident’s had been running a gasoline powered portable generator too close to the structure, however ALL of they recent alarms have been directly related to propane or natural gas powered whole home standby generator units. Regardless of what type of generator you have it is absolutely imperative that you purchase and install CO alarms on each level of your home. We also recommend you verify that your whole home standby generator was/is installed per the manufacturer's instructions and that the exhaust side of the units is facing away from your home. CO can enter through crawlspace vents, eves/soffit, attic vents, etc.