By FF Jason Bennett
July 5, 2022

For Immediate release, 07/05/2022
The Pinch Volunteer fire department would like to announce its partnership with The WVU Cancer Institute, which is the owner of the well-known “Bonnie Bus”. The Bonnie Bus is a mobile cancer screening unit, primarily for breast cancer, which visits rural areas of West Virginia and provides opportunities for individuals who may not normally be able to be screened. Here is a little more about the Bonnie Bus:
Bonnie’s Bus is a mobile mammography unit providing breast cancer screening, especially in rural parts of the state with limited or no access to screening mammography. No West Virginia woman aged 40 and over is ever turned away. Grant funds and donations are available to pay for screening mammograms on Bonnie’s Bus for women without insurance coverage.
• Facts about the Bus
o No mammogram is “free.” When patients are uninsured, they do not get charged, but the service is paid through grant funding and donations.
o In one week we can use over 150 gallons of fuel, and we average about 3.5 mpg.
o From 2009-2021 Bonnie’s Bus has traveled more than 199,000 miles.
o In 2021 we provided 182 mammograms for under- and uninsured patients using donations and grant funding
 Since 2009 we have funded more than 1,800 screening mammograms through donations and grant funding
o We work with the WV Breast and Cervical Cancer Program to help under- and uninsured women enroll in their free program. This can help pay for follow-up and treatment after their screening mammogram for patients in need.
• Since 2009, Bonnie’s Bus has completed over 25,000 screening mammograms and identified over 125 cancers.

With this information available, our partnership with them is based off profit received from the sales of our “Breast Cancer Awareness” shirt drive. We will donate 50% of profit to the WVU Cancer Institute, which will be used for the “Bonnie Bus” program. We appreciate our supporters and know you will help us make this another successful fund raiser for both organizations. ALL ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT 8/31/2022. The link to order your shirts is https://form.jotform.com/220945718225155