2017 Awards Ceremony
By LIEUTENANT Charles Cunningham
December 9, 2017

Pinch VFD held their annual Christmas Dinner and Awards ceremony on Friday, December 8th. We would like to thank all our members for the dedication, selflessness and hard work that they all show every day of the year. Extra recognition has been given to a few of our members for Years of Service, Top 10 Run Makers and Exceptional Meritorious Service.

Years of Service Awards:
Firefighter JT Thaxton - 5 Years
Firefighter/EMT Todd Crowder - 5 Years
Firefighter Tim Shaffer - 10 Years
Captain Jason Anderson - 20 Years * As a special note any member that reaches 20 years of service is changed to Life Time Member status.

Top 10 Run Makers for 2017:
Deputy Chief John Thaxton
Assistant Chief Don Milgram
Captain Duane Legg
Captain Jonathan Coleman
Lieutenant Charlie Cunningham
Firefighter Jason Bennett
Firefighter Jacob Wolfe
Firefighter/EMT Cole Weese
Firefighter David Bentley
FirefighterEMT Todd Crowder

Exceptional Meritorious Service:
Deputy Chief John Thaxton
Assistant Chief Don Milgram
Firefighter Jacob Wolfe
Firefighter/EMT Todd Crowder
Firefighter David Bentley
Firefighter Joel Parsons

Hyperlinks: 2017 Year in Review Video

DJ Fragale December 09, 2017 at 4:21 PM
So glad to have been and still be a part i
of such anawesome group of men amd women who tirelessly and fearlessly answer the call no matter what time the tones drop.