Gas Line Incident In First Due Area
By FF Justin Withrow
April 27, 2017

This morning at 0914 we were alerted to an external gas leak in the parking lot of Bridge Elementary, first due company was Squad 2. Upon arriving to the scene, Chief Wagoner observed that the incident occurred while a contractor was paving the lot and ruptured the gas pipe underneath the ground. Due to the circumstances, he ordered the next due company, Engine 22 to lay a supply line and prepare for any suppression needs. After the arrival of Tower Ladder 2, he requested Clendenin VFD for assistance incase anything escalated because the evacuation of the area had started. Over 500 students and staff were evacuated successfully and the incident was resolved by 1133 hours.

Units: Squad 2, Tower Ladder 2, Engine 22, Engine 23
Mutual Aid: Engine 11, Rescue 1, KCEAA, KCSD, Homeland Security.
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